It is often said that art speaks to the soul. I agree. Also, it looks good in my house.
This page provides links to chimp art that both communicates with your inner being and coordinates with your home color palette.
Some apes enjoy creating art just as much as some people do. Sanctuaries and zoos give their budding artists the chance to express themselves, and their strokes and choice of colors often show distinctive styles. The ape caregivers sell art created by chimpanzees to raise needed funds for providing care for their artists (and for others who, like me, don’t have a lick of artistic talent!).
The Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute offers large and small prints of art by their chimps.
The Tulsa Zoo Art Untamed webpage includes two prints of art created by anonymous chimp(s).

In Defense of Animals - Africa has a poster that is a collaborative effort between six chimpanzees who are orphans of the bushmeat trade, and a print of a colorful painting by Foe. (Scroll down the page.) 
Humans are pretty good at their artistic endeavors, too.
Young's Hill, by Philip Herman
Philip Herman’s colorful and fun drawings, available at Art to Benefit Apes will brighten your day.
"Chimps" by Calvin Nicholls
Calvin Nicholls is a paper sculpture artist. His “Chimps,” found at Paper Sculpture Prints, Limited Edition, is gorgeous.

Collaborative art by Cheetah and Nathaniel Gold
Nathaniel Gold is an artist and chimpanzee activist (or, as some would put it, a human activist who fights for captive chimps). Nathaniel recently began painting collaborative works of art with chimps in captivity. See his marvelous collaborative portraits at Save the Chimps.  And check out this YouTube clip that explains a bit about Nathaniel's painting... (Also see this video.)
Do you know of an artist, chimpanzee or human, whose work should be listed on this page? Leave a comment or send me an email at

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  1. Barbara Sharp is an artist who has done work with chimps and was a featured guest at a fund-raising event for Save The Chimps


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