Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I nominate Ndume for Gorilla SSP Facebook banner

As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, Ndume (the feces-flinging gorilla with a heart) has been abandoned by his owners and lives without any contact with other gorillas. While Ndume lives in isolation at The Gorilla Foundation, he is only there as a “loan” from the Cincinnati Zoo, which is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The AZA zoos that exhibit gorillas cooperate on a “species survival plan” (the Gorilla SSP) that is supposed to address care and welfare issues as they ostensibly manage their captive populations. In April, I learned that the SSP had drafted a masterplan that makes recommendations to zoos about gorilla transfers, among other things. The draft reportedly recommended that Ndume be moved back to Cincinnati.

It is six months later, and no transfer has been forthcoming. Did the recommendation make it into the final plan? Has the zoo community forgotten about Ndume again? I hope that people are acting behind the scene, but that may be whistling in the wind. I am afraid that Cincinnati Zoo – which loudly touted itself in the media, as it brought reporters in to see how deeply they cared for cute (money-making) baby gorilla Gladys – has declined to accept its responsibility for their lonesome old bachelor.

It’s time to remind both Cincinnati Zoo and the AZA Gorilla SSP that we haven’t forgotten.

Every month the SSP asks for nominations for their Facebook banner. Even though I am obviously not a member of the group, I think they need a daily reminder that Ndume is depending on them. So I nominated Ndume.

BTW, despite APHIS’ earlier assurances that they will continue to monitor Ndume’s health and living conditions, there have been no visits, no inspections. I wrote APHIS earlier this week, urging an inspection and reminding them about the issues that affect Ndume’s welfare. Let’s see if they remember…


  1. Replies
    1. Today they are just taking nominations. In the next day or two, they will list all the nominees, and then they will open it up for a vote. I will let you know when voting begins! We'll have to get the word out, fast.

  2. nominated, let's show Ndume that we care

  3. The finalists were just posted and Ndume didn't make it the list. SSP commented that he was Gorilla of the Month April 2012 and they're giving others a chance.