Thursday, June 20, 2013

How many ways can Savage-Rumbaugh say scofflaw?

Federal inspectors have officially warned the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary (aka Great Ape Trust, aka Bonobo Hope) to stop contact between their bonobos and the public, as we reported in April. And yet they persist, deliberately flaunting ape management practices that would keep bonobo Teco and humans safe and healthy.

This video of Teco celebrating a "birthday party" in free and direct contact with humans -- with small children present -- was posted on Facebook. Granted, the adults at the party may be volunteers, as distinct from "the public," but, really, it's a crying shame that Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and other IPLS management simply do not understand the risks of disease transmission, especially between children and apes. And they evidently scorn the idea of letting Teco grow up as a bonobo, and not as a plaything for IPLS management, staff, volunteers, and their children.

A "scofflaw" is a person who intentionally and repeatedly flouts the law. This repeated practice at IPLS may not be in violation of U.S. or state law but, as we've seen, the practices at IPLS repeatedly flout the "law" of common sense, good judgement, and federal inspection directives.

Oh, and just in case someone pulls that video off of Facebook, here's a screengrab from this morning...

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