Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
I’m not sure of the correct blogging etiquette about responding to vitriolic attacks by the ever present, ever cowardly, Anonymous. Regardless of etiquette, I will respond to you today. For those readers who may not have seen your comment to my post, Hey Tropicana, stop exploiting little Aiden!, I will share it here.
“you know dawn from one mentally problemed from my past to another you have really hit the big time, i read your little gag about your mentor and her husband saving the little chimps, and as soon as they scored the chimp it died but no one botered to say how or why ,nor did you ,only just matter of factly, i've now read most of your rant and enough to see and fortunately realize that one-hundred percent of your information is absolutely false and distorted, you haven't bothered to find out yourself first hand about pam zoppe, she does not have and has never had an animal sanctuary. her sister yes, have you been there yourself or just listened to second hand information like the rest of your so called animal rights mantra, and as far as your human and animal abusive father, i suggest you find an ACOA group to attend (ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCHOHOLICS AND PEOPLE FROM DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES.) As it stands now you are a misinformed nut case and yes there are hundreds of people just like you out there who will jump on the wagon with you like the saying goes "give the people a lite and they'll follow it anywhere. I'm amazed to some degree that companies like tropicana thinks you all are the only ones drinking orange juice. ordinarilly i wouldn't necessarily go as far as right out call you a nut case but after reading all the different distorted b.s. you have posted, i just don't seem to find any other way to describe you and you little mentally distorted planet you and a few others live on, did you ever consider the reason more people didn't respond from the other side yet was they've got a life and are busy contributing things of substance to the world, oh and hey what do you do to make your see everyone who has a chimpanzee or a dog or a cat or any animal for that matter domestic or wild, is not an animal abuser nor a just for profit schiester, some people genuinely love there animals as well and have found a way to responsibly show the public how they can have a repore and love for an animal as well as educate the public about them informatively and res ponsibly, and if the make money doing that then,well, that's o.k. because this is america, and if we could put that message out there for free i'm sure they would love that. and yes i know chance,pam and their family and they are all leaving a wonderful honest and loving footprint on the planet.”
Let me start at the beginning, Anonymous. Yes, I’ve had some rough times in my life, like so many in this world. An abusive, alcoholic, and drug dependent father who killed himself in front of me loaded me with guilt that took most of my life to deal with. It was a sorrow that my brother evidently had to resolve by blowing off his own head with a high-powered rifle. It is painful to write about, but I do it because I hope that an open discussion of suicide, alcoholism, and domestic abuse will help others who are quietly carrying their own pain. My heart is with those who have written personal notes to me, sharing their own tragedies. But thanks, Anonymous, for your kind reference to ACOA.
I can understand why you disagree with my posts about Pam Rosaire and her chimp shows, since you mistakenly think that removing baby chimpanzees from their mothers and dressing them up and teaching them tricks will, somehow, “educate the public about them informatively and responsibly.” She has evidently taught you that this is all okay, when it isn’t. And as far as any errors in my posts, I have asked Pam to contact me. I have sent private FB messages, web e-mails and, finally, tried an open letter on my blog. She has not seen fit to respond. It’s hard to have a respectable dialogue when the other person won’t speak.
Oh, and about “your mentor and her husband saving the little chimps”? Roberta is one of the many people I’ve “met” over the internet after I started my blog. She isn’t my mentor, but I respect her courage in coming forward to discuss their time living with chimpanzees, and I especially respect their decision to give their chimps a real life in a sanctuary, where they can be chimps (as much as captivity will allow). I’m not sure why you’d throw an ad hominem attack at her, unless it was because she illustrates the unselfish nature that exploiters lack.
Hmmm, “mentally distorted planet” that others and I live on? Well, I have to agree with you there, at least a little bit. It is a sick world out there, isn’t it? Thank goodness we’ve got organizations like PETA, the Humane Society, In Defense of Animals, and others who are fighting to protect animals from the abusers who deliberately and maliciously hurt animals.
Isn't it funny how we all thought this was funny -
but then most of us grew up and learned better.
(That's my dad, Art Brown.)
Finally, let me address your attack on my “animal rights mantra.” Like you, I enjoyed the antics of little chimps who were taught funny tricks. One of the few joys of my childhood was watching my dad with the Detroit Zoo chimpanzees, and especially loving the times when he brought them home with him. To this day, I remember the first time I touched a chimp’s hand. It was magical. It was the 1950s, before most of the zoo world and almost all of the adoring public realized the extent of emotional, and often physical, suffering the chimpanzees were going through. Certainly, the public didn’t know that those little bundles of laughter were destined for painful deaths in medical laboratories after their brief stints on stage. But the world has grown up, Anonymous, and many of us regret the suffering the zoo chimps went through on our behalf. So, yes, I have an animal rights mantra that I carry high. Animals have a right to our respect for who (not what) they are, and they deserve to live out their lives free of exploitation and abuse. I am so terribly sorry for the people who object to that.

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