Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hey Tropicana, stop exploiting little Aiden!

UPDATE: September 23, 2012 -- Okay, so I'm watching the Red Carpet arrivals for the Emmys on ABC, and Jane's Tropicana ad comes on. My heart drops! I can't believe they are bringing back this horrid ad... and then they show the chimpanzee. It isn't Aiden/Chance! In fact, it's not a real chimpanzee at all. Tropicana has moved to the modern era and is using a computer generated image (CGI) chimp. Well done, Tropicana! (Please consider sending a note to Tropicana, thanking them for using a CGI chimpanzee instead of exploiting a live chimp.)

UPDATE: At 9:42 pm EDT, April 17, 2012, Tropicana responded to a comment I posted on their Facebook page. They said: "Dawn, we really appreciate your taking the time post on our wall. Wanted to take this opportunity to reiterate that Tropicana is a company that takes animal welfare seriously. Our advertising is intended to focus first and foremost on communicating the value of our premium quality brands. In the case of this ad, we have taken steps to re-arrange our media schedule to have it replaced. Regards,"

Thank you Tropicana!! I have moved you from the Hall of Shame to the Hall of Fame. And thanks, especially, to the hundreds of people who told Tropicana that an ad with a baby chimp was just. plain. wrong.

Original post follows...

Tropicana Orange Juice recently unveiled a new TV ad. The ad co-stars actress Jane Krakowski who mugs it up with a baby chimpanzee. Hundreds of people immediately went to Tropicana’s Facebook page in angry protest, demanding that Tropicana take the ad down. Within 24 hours, on a Saturday night, the Tropicana public relations folks were peddling a fantasy about how they were helping poor Chance, a “rescued” chimpanzee.

Chance’s real name, before he got a name change in the grand Hollywood tradition, was Aiden.

Aiden/Chance and Jane Krakowski in the Tropicana ad
A family bought him as an infant from Savannahland, but decided to dump him. A renowned chimp welfare advocate tried, but failed, to convince them to send Aiden to an accredited zoo or sanctuary. The family refused. Instead, they sold him to Pam Rosaire, in order to recoup some of the money they spent on him. Pam and her sister Kay call themselves a sanctuary, but Big Cat Habitat continues to stage chimp shows and market their chimps for show biz gigs.
Tropicana, you are propping up a business that exploits chimps who should be socialized with other chimpanzees, not trained and put into costumes for your product promotion. And your idiotic ad is telling young people that it is okay, no, it is chic, to own a chimpanzee as a pet. Look at that cute little darling, scampering through the apartment! (It is not okay to own one. Ask Charla Nash about chimpanzees as pets.) One Direction's heart-throb Louis Tomlinson is exhibit No. 1 about how stupid people can be about owning a chimp.

The advertising agency Contagious Content needs to rename itself Clueless Cavemen. (Really, you folks need to brush up on "Corporate Social Responsibility 101.") 

Oh, and Jane? If you had any sense of compassion, you would be ashamed of yourself.
Beyond the harm done to Aiden/Chance, and the ill-advised support that corporations are giving to a harmful business enterprise, the use of chimps in ads and entertainment sets back conservation efforts for endangered chimps still in the wild. People who see zany chimpanzees on TV don’t understand that they are really endangered. Surely, the thought process works, Tropicana wouldn’t treat an endangered species like this? Hey, Mr. and Mrs. OJ consumer, they sure as hell did. And they aren’t the least bit sorry.


  1. WOW Animal rights people suck! and that is YOU

  2. Thanks, Meg, for your thoughtful contribution to the discussion.

  3. A chimp had clothes on and that is aproblem? Grow up! Chance is well-loved.

  4. Someone who gets yucks from watching a magnificent animal wear a cowboy outfit and prance around with a b-list actress is telling me to grow up? Enlightening.

    Besides, growing up is exactly the problem, isn't it? Will you be around to love Chance when he is a 14-year-old male, or a 40-year-old male, and won't perform for cookies anymore? Or will you take the next baby away from HIS mother, to turn into a moneymaker to support old Chance and his group, ad infinitum. The exploitation never ends with the Rosaire/BigCat "business plan," does it?

    1. you know dawn from one mentally problemed from my past to another you have really hit the big time, i read your little gag about your mentor and her husband saving the little chimps, and as soon as they scored the chimp it died but no one botered to say how or why ,nor did you ,only just matter of factly, i've now read most of your rant and enough to see and fortunately realize that one-hundred percent of your information is absolutely false and distorted, you haven't bothered to find out yourself first hand about pam zoppe, she does not have and has never had an animal sanctuary. her sister yes, have you been there yourself or just listened to second hand information like the rest of your so called animal rights mantra, and as far as your human and animal abusive father, i suggest you find an ACOA group to attend (ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCHOHOLICS AND PEOPLE FROM DISFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES.) As it stands now you are a misinformed nut case and yes there are hundreds of people just like you out there who will jump on the wagon with you like the saying goes "give the people a lite and they'll follow it anywhere. I'm amazed to some degree that companies like tropicana thinks you all are the only ones drinking orange juice. ordinarilly i wouldn't necessarily go as far as right out call you a nut case but after reading all the different distorted b.s. you have posted, i just don't seem to find any other way to describe you and you little mentally distorted planet you and a few others live on, did you ever consider the reason more people didn't respond from the other side yet was they've got a life and are busy contributing things of substance to the world, oh and hey what do you do to make your see everyone who has a chimpanzee or a dog or a cat or any animal for that matter domestic or wild, is not an animal abuser nor a just for profit schiester, some people genuinely love there animals as well and have found a way to responsibly show the public how they can have a repore and love for an animal as well as educate the public about them informatively and responsibly, and if the make money doing that then,well, that's o.k. because this is america, and if we could put that message out there for free i'm sure they would love that. and yes i know chance,pam and their family and they are all leaving a wonderful honest and loving footprint on the planet.

    2. so how long does it take to get an approval for a reply if it is "accepted".

    3. There, there, little Anonymous. It may take me a while to publish your comments, because I have to be online to click the button. Now go take your meds.

    4. Dear Anonymous, I have responded to your comment, at my post

      Sorry it took me a couple of days.

  5. Keep up the good fight.....our cousins can't speak for themselves and fools like meg can eat......

  6. Dawn, why do we need to keep saying the same things to try to educate these people? Perhaps they are missing that organ that resides between the ears which allows information to become absorbed and understood. What has happened to these magnificent, intelligent animals in the name of research, entertainment, etc. is nothing less than tragic. Those of us that have worked with wild chimpanzees are sickened day after day by the kind of mentality that has been revealed in some of the above replies. Keep doing what you're doing. The chimpanzees deserve it.

  7. I had no idea until just now, how some had the need to say the unkind and inappropriate hurtful comments written in reply to your compassionate blogs.
    It's hard to see the light if your heart and mind lives in a hateful dark dungeon of blame and resentment.
    It's also so easy to hide behind being an anonymous voice in the dark, afraid to come out and say who you really are.
    Roberta Herman

  8. My wife and I have everything we could find the last 4 years on chimps. The fact is most of these family chimps spend their entire life span 55+ years in a small cell without ever seeing the sun or moon or even the chance to feel grass under their feet or never seeing other chimps. Living inside as a lab rat is bad news for these sensitive animals. And considering the NIH just released an independent report stating most test on chimps are useless should translate heavily on everyone.
    For me personally:
    No one has to put a feeding tube down a chimps stomach just to see how fast it dies or gets sick so you can show me a "Better Warning Label".
    YOu dont have to shave a patch of hair off these chimps to apply some nasty chemicals or glues then put the chimp into a large body size plastic sleeve so they cant scratch themselves for the next 7 days, just so you can show me a "Better Warning Label."
    YOu dont have to put these chimps into a capsule and smash them against the wall to see how they die.
    YOu dont have to radiate chimps to death to test long term space radiation. (Read BNL chimp test 2011)
    This could all be done today with Computer Modeling Tests.
    This list goes on a lot lot worse.
    My wife and I do not consider ourselves animal rights parents, but we do like to show teach our children how to do a little research and look at both side. But we also encourage our kids to stand up for things that is wrong in this world.
    All were saying is:
    Lets not promote a market for these chimps. These chimps can sell for upwards of $25,000.+ each. There are several cases you can read on-line where people claim to be trainers and entertainers but at at some point of the chimps life most of these chimps end up alone and in a cage for many decades as they age. Why do you think you will usually see only young chimps on TV commercials? ie: Tropicana. When small they are cute no doubt but once they grow and get bigger, older or aggresive they mostly end up solitaire and in a cage.
    Not so cute anymore.
    I am sure a few chimps are treated great their "Entire Life" but that is the exception not the rule.

    As for as this thread, I find it funny to read all this fighting no doubt most here are under age 15. If you are older then I suggest you do some more reading vs typing.
    Lets all donate to and write and call your Senators in support of the bill that will release all 1000+ chimps in USA labs. Its has the support of a ton of legislators this year 2012.