Friday, January 6, 2012

Hollywood animal trainer speaking out on cruelty?

Time Magazine has an interesting article, Why Wild Animals and Hollywood Don’t Mix. Even more interesting are comments by whistleman, who says he was an animal trainer for the movies.
Here are his comments at the Time Magazine article:
This is an interesting article but not entirely true. In fact, not many people know the truth. The reason being is the animal industry within Hollywood and most busy production areas is very quiet about what they do and how they achieve certain results. Most animal training companies know one another and work alongside each other on movie sets. There is a kind of honor amongst them that they do not talk and tell anyone what goes on behind closed doors. 
How do I know this you ask? Because I was one of them. It is time the lid was lifted off of this inhumane world, and believe me that day is coming very soon.
The animal film industry all took notice when the last Planet of the Apes film was released, to see how the new technology was going to be received by the general public, and now they all know their time is running out.
I have unfortunately witnessed acts of cruelty on many occasions, and that is why I am no longer in the business. I will say that not all companies out there are like this. There are one or two that really do care about their animals and the care they give them.  As for the AHA [American Humane Association], they are a bit of a joke really. They are paid by the animal companies in most cases and they are only there when the cameras are rolling. They don't witness the beatings or the abuse which happens before or after the camera stops filming. The abuse mostly happens around the back of the set or well away from the rest of the film crew. Most of the animal’s food rations are cut way back before the film day so they are very hungry the day of the filming; that way they should do as they are told. Most of the K9 stars live most of their film life in a transportation crate, the sort you buy in most pet stores. That way, they don't know any bad habits and don't get too over excited. 
The transportation of these animals is an entirely different subject, but I could go on. I think it is important that the public should know that some of the most famous animals of the last few years have all suffered. 
As for the theme parks like Sea World, well they have already been caught out on several occasions just ask ex dolphin trainer Richard O'Barry. He has seen both sides, just like I have. 
I know a lot of animal trainers will read this article just to see if anything about them is in it. Well, let me tell you, there is a book currently undergoing editing that tells ALL. It will even put names to some people and companies involved in these atrocities. The whistle has been blown and these lazy, cruel, greedy people will be stopped.
I asked whistleman to come to this blog, so we could hear directly from him. I have no way of knowing if he is who he says he is, but if he is truly an ex-employee of an animal trainers, his whistleblowing will accomplish much good in this world. 
Whistleman, if you stop by, please send me an email at I hope you can write a guest post for this blog.

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